From doom to verbena

06/23/2021 at 8:40 PM CEST

For a few minutes Spain was at its worst. For a few moments, fatality invaded the Spanish players. They were living it in their flesh and they knew that feeling. The one to play with the marked cards. It seemed like one of those games where the ball does not want to enter. That Morata missed a penalty, the fifth in a row for the national team, only increased disbelief.

But in the face of misfortune, Spain was imposed not to regret and continue to press. It went well for him, he will be in the second round and what Luis Enrique had anticipated the day before was fulfilled.

“My level of concern is a seven, I know that here you don’t live off the air. In conviction I am at 10, I think we are like a bottle of cava that is about to uncork. If we win, our best version will be seen & rdquor ;.

And so it happened, but first I need a push. A lucky break. A ghastly mistake by Slovakia’s goalkeeper who got the ball into his goal when he tried to send it to the corner.

Martin Dubravka’s own goal freed Spain, who played with the same impetus but much more liberated. Even more so after Laporte’s goal. From there they liked Spain, which found in Busquets the lighthouse that he had needed in previous meetings. The captain of the selection ordered the attacks of the selection with his minimalist game. Without a gesture of more, first, a relief for his companions.

The experience of Busquets was noticed in a match where the selection was at stake to be or not to be in the Eurocup. In front he had an affordable rival who barely reached Unai Simón’s area and who did not demand Eric Garcia, one of the novelties in the lineup.

Luis Enrique, who was waiting for the ‘coach’ from Slovakia, opted for Barça, the most lucid center-back in the team’s ball exit. Eric was the first pass of the national team and when he had to intervene in defense he was also forceful.

He was not the only Barcelona player who exhibited a high level. Pedri, this time yes, enjoyed himself and tried to be more aggressive, looking for the last pass, more risky than in the two previous games. Also Jordi Alba, again the deepest side of the national team.

Everything that Spain was looking for against Sweden and Poland found it against Slovakia. Above all, an efficiency that turned the game into a festival for Spain. Five goals and minutes for less common players like Adama or Thiago.

Ferran Torres, who entered the second half, was a luxury for the national team and his was one of the most delicate goals of the night. High-heeled. Spain needed it: a match in which to reaffirm.

A win that gave meaning to Luis Enrique’s story and confidence in the team. The good news did not end, it was piled on Spain with the goals of Poland, which tied with Sweden and Spain was first in the group. But a bit in the discount of the Swedes gave a final twist to the group.

Spain went to the round of 16 but as second in the group and, instead of Ukraine or the Czech Republic, Croatia will be measured in Copenhagen. The selection will not be easy against Modric and company, who on Tuesday beat Scotland (3-1) and qualified as first in the group.

But that will be next Monday and the present was solved by Spain against Slovakia with the forcefulness it needed. A 5-0 to gain confidence and face the next round with a clearer head. In the end, the fatality gave way to the festival in La Cartuja.

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