From Boston to New York with a Drink Cart: Flight Attendant Paulie Veneto’s Tribute to 20 Years of 9/11

15 minutes. A former flight attendant will mark the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack by pushing a beverage cart from Boston to New York to pay tribute to his fellow professionals who perished during the attack and raise funds through an initiative called Paulie’s Push.

“Every time I look at his photos, it seems to me that it happened yesterday,” Paulie Veneto, who until two months before the attack, worked on flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles, the second plane to hit the Twin Towers, told local media. .

Veneto, 62, plans to take the cart from Boston’s Logan airport to the scene of the attack, some 200 miles that he estimates will take about 3 weeks to complete.

“I could walk to New York, I could run to New York. I could do the things that everyone else does, but I’m going to do something that flight attendants do“he explained.

Veneto pointed out that the attack particularly affected the city of Boston, outside of New York, since the two planes that hit the towers took off from there.


The trauma of that day led to an addiction to opioids. that lasted for about 15 years, and that was close to ending his life.

During the more than 300 kilometers of journey, the American intends to raise funds through his Paulie’s Push initiative, for the families of the victims and their foundations, as well as for those who fight against opioid addiction.

“On September 11, I will turn 6 clean, and that day I will come to New York,” he said.

Twenty years after 9/11, the main objective, however, of this former flight attendant is to pay tribute to his companions, for their strength and courage in these circumstances.

“I am doing it so that they are recognized as heroes”, He said. “There is no other reason, because they were heroes that morning,” Veneto stressed. His particular walk will begin on August 21.

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