From behind Jennifer Lopez shows off her fitted charms!

From behind Jennifer Lopez shows off her fitted charms! | AP

For the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez continue to steal the glances thanks to what many consider the best part of her body is no problem, this time she wore tight leggings.

It seems that on this occasion the also model and renowned businesswoman decided to surprise her fans, although in reality it is not a photo that she herself has shared.

These are two photos that were shared on an Instagram account, where we can see the interpreter of “On The Floor“wearing tight leggings and a white top.

These types of garments usually accompany her when she is training or exercising, on few occasions we have seen her go out on the street with this type of outfit.

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Something that has undoubtedly characterized Jennifer Lopez It is definitely his fashion style, so on rare occasions we will see him poorly dressed and out of fashion, especially since this beautiful celebrity has a line of clothing and footwear for sale throughout Mexico and perhaps some parts of the United States and Latin America.

In the photographs that surely some paparizzi took of him appears with this sportswear climbing a metal ladder, it is difficult not to pay attention to his figure that has so enchanted millions of Internet users.

Undoubtedly his later charms are the protagonists of happiness Photo, which despite being something simple in the same way impacts a lot.

The JLo leggings are black and reach above the waist, it also has a top that ties close to its upper charms, this is white and does not have sleeves, as if she were exercising her hair is tied up and she is also wearing tennis white to match her top and black sunglasses.

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Although many claim and affirm that her posterior charms are the best part of her body, Jennifer Lopez herself has a preference for her abs, for her this is the best part of her body, which she exercises on a daily basis and to help her a little more the singer, businesswoman and actress tends to meditate which helps not only her spirit but also her soul like millions.

Jennifer Lopez came to a house under construction in her search for her potential dream platform, “part of the description of the image.

In the photo you can see how the place is in full construction with wood, especially because there are some strips with the word caution written on it.

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In something difficult for the singer and businesswoman to appear badly in a photo whether she has makeup on or not, at least her outfits are always worthy of a star of her size, for years she has chosen to develop an exquisite taste for fashion and everything related to glamor, so we always see around it with jewels, glitters and material that not everyone has access to.

Perhaps many would think that it is a blessing that JLo has so many opportunities and above all money, this has been the result of years of work and dedication to his projects, not only to music but also to his companies as well as being a model.

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Not for nothing is she considered one of the show’s favorite stars and anything related to her is always synonymous with glamor.

Currently Jennifer has more than 165 million followers around the world, only on her Instagram account, a figure that is surely much larger, considering that her career began 35 years ago, when this type of applications did not yet exist. .

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