From behind Jennifer Lopez captivates in a white swimsuit!

From behind Jennifer Lopez captivates in a white swimsuit! | AP

For the singer and actress American Jennifer Lopez showing off her figure is something she does on a daily basis on her social networks or in any public appearance, however the way to enjoy her beautiful figure more is by seeing her pose on her back while wearing a flirtatious white swimsuit.

In this post that was made on Twitter Jennifer Lopez It appears as the cover of what would be an interesting note, because it is being presented even more flirtatious.

The publication was made on the microblogging service on February 25, 2012, the model is posing in front of a blue wall, wearing this cute two-piece swimsuit in white and also a wide hat.

Despite the fact that the design of this cute beach suit is quite simple, the interpreter of “I’m Real“and a Hollywood celebrity, ends up showing off her enormous later charms, especially since this is not at all small like other designs she has come to use that are lost among her charms.

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Something that immediately catches the attention of his followers is that JLo As they also say to the singer, it is her silhouette because in that year the singer would be 42 years old and we could say that today she looks much better than those years.

Especially because of the skin folds that can be seen when turning his figure, which although in something of the most normal, it seems that today he does not have them since he began to perform an exercise that he did not know until 2019 the pole dance, admitting that it helps you a lot more to tone your body.


In the photograph that they shared on Twitter, in addition to this Latin beauty, we also found a case of makeup shadows for the eyes, it is possible that he was promoting them as he has done throughout his career with various products.

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Another possibility is that in addition to the promotion that he made them, is that this game of shadows have been products of his own brand as you well know Jennifer Lopez has become a businesswoman so it would not be news that she has also launched makeup at some point in her career as an entrepreneur and business woman.

Throughout her 3,103 publications on her official Instagram, we have had the opportunity to see her dressed on several occasions in what is considered to be her favorite color, white precisely the protagonist of this note, whether in silver suits, long or short garments. Formal and informal, the beautiful model, singer and actress tend to have a greater preference for white garments.

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Cleanliness, elegance, purity and richness are some of the characteristics that this color could represent for millions, surely it is for Jennifer Lopez since it manages to evoke the words mentioned above, the magic is that it can also do it with any color.

In his last 30 publications in 15 of them he appears with a white garment, it is more than clear that he loves to dress in this color.

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As for the swimsuits, 1 of 10 is white, according to the photos of its most recent content in the Instagram application.

To this day, the ex-wife of Marc Anthony and current couple of Ben affleck It has more than 161 million followers on Instagram alone, a figure that is surely higher, given that its fans live around the world and not all have Instagram.

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