From Acapulco Shore! Mane shows her charms in a red swimsuit

From Acapulco Shore!  Mane shows her charms in a red swimsuit (Instagram)

From Acapulco Shore! Mane shows her charms in a red swimsuit | Instagram

One of the most controversial personalities to have appeared throughout the seasons of Acapulco shore, reality show based on the American version of Jersey Shore is Manelyk González, he decided to captivate his followers with two photographs while wearing a Swimwear Red.

As is customary in the model, businesswoman and Internet personality Mane He decided to once again consent to everyone who passes through his Instagram.

Like every celebrity today Manelyk he knows very well what type of content he should share to keep his fans active on each and every one of his social networks.

With ten million followers on her official Instagram account, Mane has conquered more people than another member of the Acapulco Shore house, in fact she has more followers than Celia Lora, another of the great personalities not only of reality because she is the Boss but also for being a public figure who has been in the market for longer than Mane.

The daughter of Álex Lora vocalist of the legendary group El Tri has around eight million three hundred thousand followers in terms of Manelyk it has ten million seven hundred thousand respectively.

Although they do not compete between one and the other, it is rather a very beautiful friendship between them, who coincide a little in terms of personalities and character, in addition both are successful entrepreneurs.

In the publication that Mane launched on May 19 of this year, she appears wearing a tight swimsuit in deep red, despite the fact that her full figure is not seen, Manelyk González ended up attracting enough attention, this because she is sitting at the edge of the pool, as if it were “Assembled”, the impressive thing is that it seems that on the other side there is nothing because the landscape is quite far from where she is.

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I do not understand how I like a person I do not know so well hahaha “,” all a princess as beautiful as always, “wrote several Internet users in the publication.

So far is maybe Mane who has made the most of it since her first participation in Acapulco Shore, realized that she is very good at doing business and began to launch certain beauty products that women love, for the care of our skin.

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She also launched a collection of girdles, which she promotes on her Instagram account, a few months ago she became a singer, one of the many dreams she had had from a very young age, together with her boyfriend Jawy she has released several songs that have been become big hits.

His relationship with Jawy, another famous member of the reality show is one of the most intense we have seen throughout the seasons, so much has been their chemistry that recently a reality show was launched in which both are the protagonists, together they are known like the “Mawy” (combination of their names).

Manelyk decided to promote his songs on his own YouTube channel, where he has shared several of his official videos, although he only has 15 videos, he already has more than 853 thousand followers, in addition to having collaborated with Jawy he also has a song next to her friend Karime Pindter whom she calls comadre.

Thatooo mommy, again the comadres and one of the best songs, “commented an internatua.

Sure soon Mane will surprise us again because she has several projects on the doorstep with MTV that she surely cannot share information about so far, but it is expected that they will be just as spectacular as she is.

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