From a movie! Kim Kardashian Replicated Look With Swimsuit

From a movie!  Kim Kardashian replicated her swimsuit look (AP)

From a movie! Kim Kardashian replicated look with swimsuit | AP

The recognized and world-renowned socialite from the United States Kim Kardashian shared several images in a post where she replicated one of the iconic looks from the movies, with a Swimwear of two pieces that you will surely identify immediately.

American actress Reese Whitherspoon became famous with the film “Legally Blonde” in Latin America “Legally Blonde”, this was released in 2001 on November 9, becoming a success, this film would give the beautiful blonde actress an impressive leap to fame, Although he already had several films with this protagonist, he established himself as a Hollywood star, today he is a celebrity.

How well do you know Kim kardashian She loves to replicate some iconic looks from other celebrities, when it comes to Halloween it is normal to see her use interesting costumes that attract the attention of her millions of admirers.

It was on October 31, 2019 that businesswoman Kim Kardashian published these photographs on her official Instagram account, where she appears wearing her beautiful figure in a tiny two-piece swimsuit, like the one Reese Whitherspoon wore at the time. scene where she applied to Harvard while wearing that beach swimsuit.

In fact, at the time the older sister of Kylie jenner He published a video very similar to the one in the movies, however he also has a habit that sometimes he publishes behind the scenes of his publications as he has done on several occasions.


Wearing her blonde hair, Kim Kardashian appears with a high ponytail and her hair with a platinum blonde, she wears a swimsuit with pink sequins, the businesswoman and star of social networks is in a room, very flirtatious taking the tip of her hair while it stretch slightly.

In the second image you can see her full figure with the pink swimsuit, only in the upper part she has sequins, it seems that she is leaving the room and although the image is a bit blurred, her enormous charms and beautiful curves can be seen perfectly.

As you will remember a part of the scene of the film, the actress appears in a pool, this same image was replicated by Kim Kardashian and this is how it appears in the third image, only that a stylist is also fixing her hair a little so that it looks perfect.

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In the last but not least photograph the model appears again, but only half of her body and the swimsuit she is wearing on this occasion is green, the background is completely white but we find some shadows so she should not be alone.

It is likely that Kim Kardashian has decided to use this “costume”, or to recreate that scene because she is studying law, apparently she wants to become a true human rights lawyer as we saw in “The Justice Project” the feature film that starred in the celebrity next to women who were in prison, the socialite had the objective of helping these people solve their cases and help them to do justice

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Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is looking for something interesting to get involved in, either in business or to help someone else, we hope that her studies to become a true lawyer will conclude successfully and she will become a successful lawyer just like in his moment was his father Robert Kardashian, a renowned lawyer from the United States.