“From 2025, the electric car in Spain will grow very fast”



Updated Thursday, July 15, 2021 – 09:19

Mikel Palomera, CEO of Seat and Cupra, explains that brands do not set the emission rules but rather try to comply with them.

The new Seat Arona and Ibiza.

Mikel Palomera, general director of Seat and Cupra Espaa, makes a positive assessment of the decrease in Registration Tax :. “A window of opportunity opens to continue renovating the park and give that renewal a boost. We hope that the market will start to move and be an incentive for customers. “

According to Palomera, “the private market is falling 40.8% compared to 2019 until June, and 37.3% in rental companies. “But he explains that with these last companies the problem of his every drift from the shortage of cars due to the lack of semiconductors.” As of Easter there were many reservations but we could not supply for the topic of semiconductors “.

Regarding the forecasts for this year believes that 950,000 units can be reached. “But for this you have to run and it is a figure that is conditioned by the supply. Our goal between Seat and Cupra is 10% and now we are above 9.4% with Seat, plus 1% for Cupra.

Limit 2035

Regarding the new and stricter emissions regulation proposed by the EU and that will make combustion cars disappear in 2035, the director of Seat and Cupra is clear: “We do not set the dates, the regulator sets them and we have to adapt”

“I am convinced that in Spain, we will go towards electrification, yes, in a subsidized way in the two vectors, cars and recharging points. I think that from 2025 the growth will be very very fast [ao en el que Seat comenzar a producir los vehculos elctricos pequeos de Audi, Skoda, VW y Cupra en Martorell].

These statements were made by Palomera in the framework of the presentation of the new Seat Ibiza and Arona in Bilbao, where there is still no diesel mechanics. “The desel is dead in these little cars”. With the new Euro VII regulation it raises its cost and price in such a way that it disposes of the rest of the alternatives.

Seat Ibiza and Arona

The two new models, the Ibiza already available and the Arona as of August, are two pillars of the brand’s sales, plus this year with the semiconductor problem affecting Len and Ateca.

However, the weight of the small and compact SUV segment is such that they each have 25% of total sales. “Today, 54% of the vehicles sold are SUV body, that 4% that is added will be large SUVs “, Palomera explained.

Spain is a country where the A0 segment carries a lot of weight. Their total sales of all brands have dropped from 22% in 2015 to 19% today.

The compacts, Seat Len, Renault Mgane, Kia Ceed, are having a crossoverization. The Ford Focus, for example, 50% of its sales are of the Active or the new silhouette of the C4 that is more SUV. Without these SUV silhouettes, your sales would drop further in Palomera’s view. “And that we sell 10,000 Len State a year, but it is a segment that is down.”


Regarding the numbers of the brands so far this year Mikel Palomera explains that “we continue to be leaders with 41,990 cars until June, a 9.2% market share, which as of June 14 is 9.4%”.

For its part, Cupra has sold 5,432 units with a 1.2% market share. The Cupra Formentor has been chosen by 4,545 customers. 83% of the Cupra sold are Formentor.

The Seat Arona is the best-selling model in Spain with 12,686 units and a 9.2% share and “it is going to be the best-selling car of the year. We will try to do double with the Ibiza,” says Palomera.

In Spain, Ibiza and Arona account for 53% of the brand’s sales; and they have more weight than in other European countries where they are 40%.

In terms of versions, 90% of Ibiza sales are from the mechanical 1.0 gasoline and 110 horsepower range, with 60% choosing the Style finish and 20% the FR. “The latter is very important because it is a very price-oriented segment,” says the director of Seat and Cupra.

“In the Arona, the composition is similar. Here the Xperience version will be 20% and the Style 60% and in terms of engines, 85% will be 1.0 with 110 horses”.


The Ibiza list price in the 80 horse version it starts in 16,800 euros, which including the financing discounts, the five-year warranty and maintenance remains in 10,990 euros.

Regarding the Arona input with the finished Reference starts from a list price of 19,870 euros, with discounts, 5 years warranty and maintenance and financing remain in 14,800 euros.

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