Home automation has become democratized, and thanks to this it has become an increasingly popular alternative, a reality that AVM has seen, and that it has wanted to promote with solutions such as the FRITZ! DECT 210, a smart plug that offers a very interesting value.

The FRITZ! DECT 210 is fully integrated into the AVM software platform, is compatible with the different FRTIZ! Devices, and offers a wide range of functions that will allow us to convert any space in our home in a “smart corner.”

To start using the FRITZ! DECT 210, we just have to choose the socket where we want to install it and voila, we can connect practically any device or appliance to it, since it can provide a power of up to 3.45 KW.

However, this model is specifically designed for outdoor use, since it has IP44 certification (It is resistant to dust and water jets). This means that if you place it near a swimming pool or an irrigation area, you have nothing to worry about, the FRITZ! DECT 210 will continue to function without problems.

What can the AVM FRITZ! DECT 210 do for me?

Well many things. For example, if you have a garden you can connect it to an irrigation system and program it to activate on specific strips and for specified periods of time, thanks to its built-in timer function. In this way, if we go on vacation for several days, we will not have to worry about the plants in our garden.

Via the interface of the FRITZ! OS operating system, integrated in the AVM FRITZ! Box routers, we can directly control the power supply, set the activation and deactivation times for any appliance or device that is connected to the FRITZ! DECT 210, and display numerous data and useful information on energy consumption, among others.

Thanks to this function, you can also control, for example, the on and off of other household appliances, as well as their activation. The list of possibilities is as long as it is interesting:

You can set plans to turn the lights on and off. So, for example, you will have your garden lights on when you get home from work. You could also use it to program the ignition of other appliances, or even the heating, if you use it indoors. You can adapt the schedules you have established at any time, even if you are not at home.

As we have said before, FRITZ! DECT 210 integrates into AVM’s software ecosystem, and this means that it is fully compatible with the MyFRITZ! App. If we download this application, we can control the settings of the FRITZ! DECT 210 from our smartphone or tablet.

Are you going home late? Don’t worry, grab your smartphone and ask your FRITZ! DECT 210 to greet you with the lights on. Is it colder than you imagined? Well relax, you can also ask him to activate the heater so that your home heats up while you are on the way home.

You can also use it to receive energy consumption reports, and also other important data, such as the voltage of the current or the status of the connected devices. As you can see, the FRITZ! DECT 210 offers a very interesting value. You want to know more? Well, take a look at this link.