Friends series surrounds her with a mysterious prophecy that would make Jennifer Aniston tremble | Instagram

One of the most popular series without a doubt is that of « Friends« Even though it ended a few years ago, it continues to generate great controversy and more recently due to a supposed and mysterious prophecy.

The News has set off the alarms of all his followers and even his protágonistas since a warning full of mystery surrounds the series and even this would be stronger than the theories that have surrounded « The Simpsons« .

« Friends« It was one of the programs that filled the evenings in front of the television with millions of audiences and many even continue to watch it through various television services. streaming, so any news about her does not stop generating curiosity.

However, the fun show starring Jennifer Aniston It could not lack an exciting aspect and now it is even considered a series that predicted moments of the future, this after a viralized video on social networks.

Now, they report that the popular broadcast of « Friends« He would also have launched a prophecy for this 2020.

2020 told by ‘Friends’ ”, he says in the video,

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The material is owned by a fandom account. The interpreter of Rachel Green He found it so striking that he uploaded it to his stories on Instagram.

Own Jennifer Aniston was speechless after watching this series of episodes so he couldn’t help but share it on his account.

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It is worth mentioning that in just six days it has added 1.4 million times. Beyond the fact that it is not a specific episode, but a union of scenes from the sitcom, the phrases are ideal for the year in which we live.

Wow, they warned us, but we didn’t listen to them. Tremendous editing « , » Oh my God is an excellent production « , » They actually predicted 2020? « Some fans of the NBC series commented.

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In these scenes we can see Joey tribbiani, interpreted by Matt LeBlanc saying « how much he misses his family and the cafe where they always went. »

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In another episode, he appears Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) desperately pleading with Chandler bing (Matthew Perry) wash your hands. What the fans have not hesitated to relate to what we live today.

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These situations would be part of a montage of the Instagram account, « Behind The Friends”, However, they did not stop capturing attention due to the similarity with which we now live for the coronavirus.