Who hasn’t dreamed of living with their best friends? M6 may be able to change your mind with their new comedy series, Friends first. This Thursday, July 30, 2020, the channel invites its viewers to follow the first two episodes of the fiction which will contain six in total. And everything suggests that she will meet her audience, especially thanks to the original and offbeat story.

What is it about ? The Binarelli and the Cappelins are two close and very friendly families. When the owner of their building announces the sale of his property, they find themselves having to leave their respective homes. To continue living close to each other, they embark together on a completely crazy project, that of participatory housing. They must therefore do everything possible to design spaces intended for common use, to build … which will cause them to encounter many obstacles.

For the casting, M6 bet on Olivia coast (Working Girls, Pupille, Chamboultout) on one side. She will give the reply to Judith Siboni, which she knows well since they have already shared the screen since 2007 with Téva’s series, Vous les femmes. The two actresses will play the two mothers. Olivia Côte is Julie Binarelli, a schoolteacher married to Antoine Binarelli (played by Julien Boisselier), who never manages to materialize her professional projects. Together, they have two children, Jean-Claude and Simone. They are described as the “po’bos”, the poor version of the bobo. The Cappelins are real sores. The parents, Fleur and Dimitri (played by Judith Siboni and Amaury de Crayencour), have an adopted daughter, Victoire. He is a doctor and she does not work.

Among the supporting roles, we can find a known figure of M6, namely Anne-Élisabeth Blateau, one of the stars of Scènes de households. She will play the role of the mayor of a village in the South of France where Antoine Binarelli is from. Catherine Jacob will also come to help them by taking the features of Fleur’s mother. The father of the latter will be embodied by Jean Benguigui.

The story : Two families, linked by a friendship with a capital A, share absolutely everything: dinners, vacations, hassles and even their landing! So when we ask them to vacate their apartment, they will do everything to continue living together. What if it was the worst idea of ​​their life?

Les Copains first airing from July 30, 2020 on M6.