‘Friends’: Courteney Cox hurt to be the only lead who was not nominated for an Emmy

Throughout its 10 seasons, 5 of the six members of the ‘Friends’ gang (and some other guests) were nominated for an Emmy for best performance and only Courteney Cox was left without this recognition. And of course, that hurts. She has confessed it herself in an interview on The Howard Stern Show where she participated this Wednesday, June 23 with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

“Sure, it always hurt,” explains Cox, “When all the cast members were nominated except me, it definitely hurt my feelings. I was happy for everyone, but then when it finally went like, ‘Oh, am I the only one?’, It hurts. ”For ‘Friends’ no, but at least she did get a long-awaited nomination for her work on ‘Cougar Town’: “The only thing that made me feel good (because they also won and received a lot of praise) was being nominated for the first season of ‘Cougar Town’ for a Golden Globe. It meant everything to me.” above, because what he wanted most was the respect of his colleagues: “I know that the Golden Globes are not necessarily delivered by colleagues, but it was a relief.”

A good friend

The interviewer then asked her if she saw the ceremonies in which her classmates were nominated or if she preferred to stay away so as not to increase the pain: “Always!” Cox responds quickly, “I want them to win, I just wanted to be a part, but I never wanted to take anything from anyone. It’s just that sometimes I want to be included in certain things … And these girls on the show and the guys, they all deserved every nomination. I am in awe of everyone’s talent. And in every way. I mean, to this day, even though we’re this close, I get excited when I watch ‘The Morning Show’ … I mean, it’s amazing, “Cox tells Aniston.” And so are you. [Lisa], everything that you do. Your dramas, everything. “For ‘Friends,’ Aniston was nominated 5 times for an Emmy and won it in the eighth season. Kudrow was nominated 6 times for playing Phoebe Buffay and took it in 1998. Matt LeBlanc was nominated three times, Matthew Perry one and David Schwimmer another, but none of the three took home the award.

After these confessions, do you know where Cox says he would keep the Emmy if one day he wins one? “In my bag. I would take it everywhere.”

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