The Simpsons: Friday Marathon so you can watch the series all day | INSTAGRAM

It is a very special marathon, 14 hours in which chapters # 1 of each of the first 30 seasons will be broadcast, aldo that no one expected but everyone was grateful to see arrive.

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« The Simpsons » are available from 10 am to midnight on its Fox Channel, with the compilation of the start of all seasons of the legendary series.

The fun series that addresses Springfield’s most troublesome yellow family was ranked as one of the longest scripted shows in US history, as it seems to have no end in sight and is gaining more fans.

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So far, with 31 seasons and one more on the way, they have more than 600 irreverent episodes, where so many themes are played that they could easily make a marathon of various situations or themes.

It should be remembered that the series was purchased by The Walt Disney Company, so they decided that this « mega-marathon » would be something special and would resume the beginning of each of the first 30 seasons, in an order that we found interesting:

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First it will begin with the first episode of the last season: “Bart is not dead”, in Bart he claims to have gone to heaven and meet Jesus, so they looked for him to make a movie, receiving a contract for his filming.

At the end of the great marathon will be the great first episode of the series: « The Simpsons in the midst of crossfire », which is about Homer having a feeling after learning that they canceled the Christmas bonus and decides to bet on dog racing, how to forget the legendary chapter.

It should be remembered that the animated series The Simpsons has made the decision that its characters will be dubbed by actors of the same race and not only by white actors as they did previously in its chapters, as they were involved in controversy thanks to social networks.