Frida Sofía says that things are not going well with Alejandra Guzmán

According to Alejandra, “Frida was on the program to promote her musical career. After a bit of theater and crying crocodile tears, the producers of Despierta América contacted us, the management, to ask if she wanted to answer and if they could call me “.

Statement from Alejandra Guzmán. (Special)

It all started when Frida found out that her mother had caught Covid-19. So he decided to put aside his differences and called her to see how healthy she was. That time, the singer did respond.

The daughter of businessman Pablo Moctezuma told in ‘Despierta América’ that before dialing him she had received a nice message from her mother, so that helped to soften things even more.

Moments after telling her testimony, Frida Sofía and the audience were surprised, because Alejandra Guzmán herself agreed to have a call with her daughter.

In the middle of the program she commented: “I see her calm, I listen to her very well and I am very happy because, always as a mother, one wants that. I think that everything that has happened can be solved and can be fixed.

“I am in the best way, with my heart, trying to give her her time and space so that she can be happy and be her, that’s the most important thing,” Guzmán added. After listening to Alejandra’s message, Frida was totally moved and without caring anything she replied: “Mommy, to be happy, I need you in my life.

Everyone hoped that this had been the first step towards reconciliation. Apparently, the dream of seeing both singers make peace once and for all is still a long way off.