Frida Sofía reveals that Enrique Guzmán made her an economic offer to reconcile

One more time Frida sofia made controversial statements against his grandfather Enrique Guzman, well He spoke about an alleged economic offer that he would have made in exchange for reconciling with her.

And, as is well known, a few months ago Frida revealed during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante that Enrique abused her when she was 5 years old, serious accusations that she has already brought to the legal field.

“How are you going to offer me money to reconcile? That comes from the heart “said the young woman in an interview with ‘Suelta la Sopa’ from which more confessions are expected.

In Enrique’s past statements, he had mentioned that his granddaughter had given the controversial interview where she revealed the alleged abuses in order to benefit financially because her mother, Alejandra Guzmán, no longer supported her with expenses.

When Frida found out she went out to defend herself as now and this time she stressed that the gesture of his grandfather seemed, in addition to rude, unpleasant, because he pointed out that the damage to his person is not something that is fixed in that way.

“Only a disgusting pervert could have thought of that saying”he said in front of the cameras.

It was on June 9 that the young woman confirmed through a video that she has already started a legal process against Enrique and Alejandra, two months after announcing that the singer touched her improperly, so this controversy still has a long way to go. road.

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