Frida Sofía accuses her grandfather Enrique Guzmán of abuse, he reacts

Frida sofia gave the journalist an interview Gustavo Adolfo Infante where, among a series of revelations, stated that his grandfather Enrique Guzmán touched him when he was just 5 years old and described him as a ‘disgusting man’.

After the strong signal, Enrique did not hesitate to express his disagreement with what happened and used his social networks to send a harsh message to his granddaughter and to the interviewer, where he hinted that Frida needs professional help.

I am very concerned about Frida’s mental instability and how stupid Gustavo is, a man who knows me perfectly, “the singer wrote on Twitter.

Immediately afterwards, Guzmán confessed that these kinds of stories about Alejandra’s daughter only make him laugh.

“’Did she tell you I was touching her? What do you want me to say? Does laughter win me? Yes, laughter wins me over. Won’t she be crazy?”, He declared for the morning program ‘Sun rises‘.

Despite the fact that, at the beginning of the confrontations between Alejandra Guzman and Frida Sofía, Enrique was shown as a mediator between the two, over the months the singer also said annoyed with the attitude of the young woman and, now, while some believe Frida, others question the alleged abuse of the singer against her .

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