Fresh and casual, this is how Anastasia Kvitko looked in a flirty video

Fresh and casual, this is how Anastasia Kvitko looked in a flirty video | Instagram

Again the enormous charms of Anastasia Kvitko were the protagonists of a video that she recently shared, in which she appears with a rather casual look that highlighted her enormous charms.

Anastasia kvitko Renowned model and celebrity of Russian origin tends to surprise us with her content on Instagram, since she usually shows her exquisite figure without any penalty.

This new publication of the coquette Anastasiya Kvitko As she is also known, she shared it 3 hours ago on her official Instagram account.

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The flirtatious model and businesswoman is wearing a long skirt, sandals and a very slim tank top, as she passes through the city and feasts her throat with a delicious energy drink.


Casual is comfortable, but elegance wins, “said Anastasia Kvitko.

Wearing dark glasses and a silver bracelet, this beauty once again conquered her fans, that although as already mentioned she wore a somewhat casual outfit, she could not deny it, she looked quite elegant despite not having “as much production” as on other occasions.

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So far his video has more than 45 thousand views and 359 comments where part of his millions of followers have agreed with what he commented in the description.

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