French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu said it was “imaginable” to organize the 2020 Tour de France cycling without spectators due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything is imaginable. We have already done it with other competitions before. It does not have the same impact since the economic model of the Tour de France does not rest on the ticket as it is the case of football and rugby matches,” said the minister, questioned by France Bleu radio about the eventuality of a Grande Boucle without an audience.

The government is talking to ASO, the organizers, about the destination reserved for the most prestigious of the great laps, after a one-year postponement of the Olympic Games and the Euro Cup, when the sport, including cycling, is almost totally stopped until further order.

“I think that today everyone is aware and responsible regarding the period of confinement we are going through and everyone has understood the reasons, and the benefits that this can bring to everyone, staying at home and giving more privilege to the televised show. It would not be therefore so penalizing since it could be followed by television “, added the minister.

Since its creation in 1903, the Tour, which has become both a social and a sporting phenomenon, has only been stopped by the two world wars.