Freedom !, Salma Hayek shows off her charms like a statue

Freedom !, Salma Hayek shows off her charms like a statue (AP)

Freedom !, Salma Hayek shows off her charms like a statue | AP

The beautiful Salma Hayek delighted and encouraged her followers on Instagram by becoming the very Statue of Liberty found in the United States.

The beautiful actress of Hollywood He decided to share a photograph on his official Instagram account to give faith and hope to his followers, but at the same time, he delighted everyone with his beauty and elegance.

The Mexican dressed in an elegant, beautiful and quite low-cut white dress, with which Salma Hayek Not only did she show off her beautiful silhouette and charms, but she also gave life to one of the greatest symbols of freedom in the world.

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The actress originally from Veracruz, Mexico She complemented her outfit posing as the woman in the statue with the torch in her hand and a crown on her head, her hair was collected. His challenging gaze and a huge smile giving hope could not be missing.

The photo was shared on November 8 on the famous social network and exceeded 650 thousand reactions.

Salma Hayek He complemented the post with a message of hope in which he indicated that we should remove our ties.

The time has come to free ourselves from what divides us, the Hollywood star wrote with the photograph.

There were more than 7000 comments of support and compliments that the Mexican actress received, all referring to the huge event that would take place in the United States, where her new president would be determined.

This election indicated deciding the future of thousands of Latinos living in this country; In addition, due to its power, this country has a great influence on international decisions.

As well as Salma Hayek, many celebrities openly expressed their thoughts and support, inviting people not to stop being a part of this event that could change everything forever.

The beautiful actress has always shown her concern and support for Latinos and is more than proud of her roots.

The beautiful Salma Hayek even showed how proud she was of her land by taking mariachis, a huge tradition of Mexican music, to Cannes.

The famous woman was extremely proud of the achievements of our country and that was why she decided to make the mariachis fly to play for everyone present at Cannes, this was world news.

In addition, Hayek owes its enormous world fame to an icon of Mexican culture, the painter Frida Kahlo.

Sama Hayek began her career as an actress in Mexican soap operas, where she quickly stood out for her beauty and talent; But this star was destined for more and she knew it, that was why she bet on Hollywood.

Frida, the film was the watershed for the success of the Mexican in American lands; There are those who claim that Harvey Weinstein approached the actress with other intentions, conditioning her work, but she flatly rejected him; The powerful producer pointed out that without him, Frida would be a true failure and all doors would be closed to Salma Hayek.

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The Mexican took out all of herself and despite the difficulties and with her own resources, she managed to bring out the tape about the life of Frida Kahlo that she herself starred in and launched her straight to fame.

Salma Hayek has spoken a lot about inequality and stereotypes in the United States, where she has pointed out that Latinos are pigeonholed into roles of this type or less, but she has shown that with perseverance and work, success is irremediable.

Today, Hayek is a powerful, very rich and talented woman; even her daughter is considered one of the richest girls in the world.