Free ways to advertise a small business

At this time in which an economic crisis has exploded for businesses due to the limitations of the pandemic, there are few who can allocate a good amount of resources for sections such as advertising, this is particularly applicable for all small businesses as they have less capabilities than large firms. However, it is possible to say that there are methods to advertise for free or at least in a highly profitable way considering a minimal investment in resources. In this post we will see some ways in which all SMEs can advertise without spending.

If you want to promote your business for free or at a minimal cost, these are some of the actions you can take:

Developing email marketing can be done practically free of charge and this activity can be highly profitable, we have already shared on previous occasions how much the return on investment of this activity can reach.

Entering the topic, you should know that, according to Business2Community, email campaigns and newsletters are considered a must for companies. Spaces such as the business website must have forms for people to register and leave their emails.

However, to collect emails and start developing campaigns, other methods can be used, such as placing forms in the physical store to request customers to leave this data.

Once with the information, different types of email campaigns can then be developed, you just have to get a platform specialized in this. Do not lose sight of the fact that there are free options (with certain limitations in their functions) that can be used to reach contacts.

Participate in forums and groups

As a second free way to advertise, every small business can go to groups and forums. In this case, the promotion that will be made will be that of the knowledge and expertise that you have, so you do not have to refuse to share knowledge. To do this, it is crucial to join groups that are relevant to the firm.

Notably, this method is one that takes time and patience, but can pay off big.

There are several spaces where you can find relevant groups, for example, these are the Facebook groups, also the LinkedIn ones, as well as spaces that bring together specific communities, such as Reddit or Quora.

As another way to share knowledge, American Express shares that every small business has the option of creating a blog. Through this, there are multiple benefits that can be obtained, for example, greater brand recognition or more traffic to the company’s website.

Regarding this recommendation, it can be noted that it is not only about sharing knowledge from the blog, there is also the option of sharing news about the business or addressing other issues of a more commercial nature.

Finally, as you know, there is no better advertising than that made by satisfied customers, which they can leave in the online world in the form of reviews, therefore, WordStream recommends them. This is a powerful form of free advertising that every small business (and every organization in general) has as the opinions of third parties are highly valued by other consumers when making purchasing decisions. If your business manages to have this type of positive reviews and knows how to place them strategically in its different channels and spaces, it will be possible to boost results.