Free medical services even if you do not have ISSSTE or IMSS, starting today

According to the Official Gazette of the Federation, from this December 1, there will be access to highly specialized hospitals of the Government of Mexico, which will be free even if there is no social security, such as IMSS or ISSSTE. According to the DOF publication, those who require these services will not pay the recovery fees that were usually charged.

This exemption in the payment of the fee is established in the publication, which describes that all those people who are in Mexico and do not have social security, have the right to be provided with the public health service; that they be given medicines and also that they provide other associated supplies, when they ask for medical attention.

This benefit would include medicines. Photo: Reformation.

In addition, the document indicates that the above will be without covering any quota. These changes in the attention to public health services had already been announced. The DOF includes that to determine if people will have the benefit of the payment exemption, a socioeconomic classification must be carried out and thus determine if it proceeds.

This is the classification, through scores, of socioeconomic level that will be valid for patients to receive services such as hospitalization, consultation, medical procedures or auxiliary diagnostic studies.

On the other hand, the publication indicates that with respect to patients who are cared for between the different National Institutes of Health, Federal Reference Hospitals, High Specialty Regional Hospitals and units attached to the Psychiatric Care Services, the Socioeconomic Level will be taken into account. They have been assigned by the Department of Social Work of the institution that originates the reference. This is the documentation that the patient, family member, guardian or representative must present:

I. Reference Sheet with the duly stamped Socioeconomic Level of the referring medical unit, and

II. Appointment card of the institution of origin with registration of the assigned Socioeconomic Level.

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