With the advance of the COVID-19 virus in the world, the affected countries made decisions regarding the spread and spread of the disease. In the case of Argentina, President Alberto Fernández himself extended the mandatory isolation until April 12 inclusive. With this scenario, the delivery applications gained great relevance, allowing, for example, gastronomic shops to continue working and providing their services.

However, one of the questions for these companies was related to the preservation of the health of delivery people, workers, businesses and users. For this reason, Rappi took different hygiene and safety measures for all the actors: users, delivery people, restaurants and shoppers. At the same time, it initiated different actions such as the creation of a button for free online medical assistance, donations, distribution of supplies to hospitals, distributors and personal shoppers, a campaign to thank doctors and free shipping.

Hygiene items for delivery people and personal shoppers

Since the mandatory quarantine was established, the technology company has made different deliveries of gel alcohol kits and chinstraps for delivery people and personal shoppers. In addition, the platform constantly disseminates safety and hygiene measures for users, essential to prevent the spread of the virus.

In all cases, in order to minimize risks and potential sources of contamination, the app recommends that allied businesses allocate a space for delivery people to withdraw the order, and in this way, avoid crowding and respect distances.

In addition to this, Rappi created a fund to support delivery people with the COVID-19 virus, which will provide financial assistance for up to 14 days. This sum will be calculated according to the daily earnings that the dealer has had in the last two months.

Prevention measures in shops and financial support

One of the concerns of gastronomic entrepreneurs It is the economic impact that this situation can bring about in your projects. For this reason, the company created a contingency plan to minimize the economic impact of the small restaurants that are part of the platform, and that have been affected by the current situation. Among the most outstanding measures is the reduction of commission charges on a temporary basis.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in society, the Colombian company worked in a prevention campaign called #WithExtremeCare, which consists of reinforcing key order preparation processes, such as sealing the packaging. This ensures that no one tampers with the packages once they have left the kitchen.

Over-the-counter medications and free medical consultations

At the same time, in order for the user to completely comply with the quarantine without leaving home, sale of over-the-counter drugs was incorporated through the app. In addition, agreements were made with Farmacity, Farmacia Azul, Central Oeste and Nueva Era to offer promotions and free shipping to customers.

Also, in conjunction with UMA, Rappi launched a button for medical consultations so that users can access a diagnosis, have a free medical teleconsultation -with more than 300 health professionals- and access digital prescriptions to present in pharmacies. The objective of the proposal is to decongest hospitals and sanitariums for consultations on symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat; and democratize the possibility of accessing a consultation with a medical professional.

Thanks to doctors with free orders and donations

In addition, in order to support and appreciate the efforts of health professionals, Rappi announced the delivery of 500,000 free meals to hospital staff and sanatoriums in Latin America. Argentine doctors who wish to receive discounted orders in restaurants can register through a short form and access free orders. In addition to this, the App is collaborating with groups of entrepreneurs to offer the delivery service of chinstraps, gel alcohol and other necessary elements in hospitals such as Br Ramos Mejía, Br General de Agudos Dr. Teodoro Álvarez and Br Central Military.

On the other hand, the application added the “DONATIONS” button, in conjunction with the Food Bank, so that users can collaborate with the daily diet of 163,000 people from 1,000 organizations and canteens in the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

Free shipping to seniors and contactless deliveries

Finally, the platform took some measures with regard to people over 65 years of age, as they make up one of the most vulnerable groups to coronavirus infection. For this reason, he offered the PRIME membership bonus for all users over 65. In this way, they can place their orders without shipping cost for a month. To access this benefit, they must download the Rappi application on the phone, complete the required form and attach a photo of their ID that certifies that they are over 65 years of age. Within 48 hours, the user will receive a notification informing them that they are already subscribed.

To complement the care ecosystem of all parties, the app incorporated the option “Contactless delivery” in each order placed, thus promoting health care between the user and the dealer.