Free games: how to get RAGE 2 for PC legally and for free?

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RAGE 2 is an open-world shooter with RPG elements that grabs attention, but due to its mixed reviews you might not want to spend on it. If so, you should know that there is a way you can get RAGE 2 for PC for free and legally.

The thing is that RAGE 2 is the gift of the week from the Epic Games Store. That said, it’s not the only game the store is giving away, as players can also get Absoolute Drift as a gift.

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To take advantage of this promotion, all you need is to have an Epic Games Store account. Once you have it, you simply have to go to the links that we leave below and press the button that says the Get button. Once you complete the purchase process, you will see that the games will be part of your collection and you can download them whenever you want.

Please note that both games will only be given away for a limited time. You have until 10:00 AM Mexico City time on February 25 to add them to your collection.

Next week there will also be a gift in the Epic store

It is important to note that next week there will also be a gift in the Epic Games store. So it looks like the free play a week promotion isn’t close to ending.

What is it about? It’s Sunless Sea. In case you don’t know it, it’s an independent RPG in which you’ll explore a sea full of loneliness and darkness. There you will take the role of a captain who will discover stories and secrets of a cruel world.

What do you think about this new? Are you excited to play any of these titles? Tell us in the comments.

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