Free burgers and fries for New Yorkers to get vaccinated

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. (Photo: Noam Galai / Getty Images)

Free donuts, marijuana and beer in the United States to encourage vaccination are now joined by hamburgers and potatoes. The city of New York and the popular chain Shake Shack announced this Thursday that they will offer this fast food for free to encourage citizens to be immunized against the coronavirus.

The mayor of the Big Apple, Bill de Blasio, presented the promotion eating a portion in the middle of a press conference and at a more suitable time for breakfast, in an image that soon circulated in local media and social networks.

“Hmm, vaccination,” declared De Blasio after taking a bite of a hamburger in a peculiar attempt to entice New Yorkers to approach one of the points set up throughout the city to administer the doses of the serum.

“There are a lot of people who are ready to get vaccinated, they just haven’t. They need a little additional incentive, ”said the mayor, who in recent days has announced several strategies to make it easier for all citizens, New Yorkers and abroad, to get the vaccine.

Within these efforts, Shake Shack, born in New York, will offer a voucher for a hamburger to those who get vaccinated at one of the mobile points throughout the city over the next few days.

For those who have already received the puncture, the restaurant chain offers free chips along with the purchase of a sandwich just by presenting the vaccination card.

Incentives of all kinds to encourage citizens to get vaccinated have become widespread in recent weeks in the United States, as the rate of vaccination has dropped, not due to lack of doses, but due to lack of arms to administer them.

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