Free Agency 2021: The ‘covered’ players of the NBA market

At dawn next Monday to Tuesday, the expected start will begin Free Agency 2021 NBA, where the teams will be able to start negotiating contracts with free agents, and who will later be able to formalize their respective signings as soon as Friday, August 6 arrives.

In addition to the main stars of the market (Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Mike Conley …), we must be very attentive to those players who, from BlogDeBasket, consider that they are the five ‘covered’ or the hidden gems inside from a Free Agency where there is a lot to choose from:

5. Goran Dragic

The veteran Slovenian point guard has been left without a team after the Miami Heat rejected his $ 19.4 million team option. However, Dragic still has a lot to say in the NBA, something he has shown in his last two seasons. For a team aspiring to the title it can be a great third / fourth sword with which to reach the champion ring.

4. Cameron Payne

One of the most outstanding point guards of the last 2021 NBA Playoffs. Payne has managed to perform at a very high level when he has had to do it with the Phoenix Suns. He made Chris Paul ‘forget’ the injury in the 1st round and continued to practice afterwards as a great Sixth Man. Skimming the champion’s ring, Payne won’t be short of suitors who want to take over his services.

3. Will Barton

Although his 2020/21 season has been somewhat tainted by injuries, Barton has shown with the Denver Nuggets to be a very versatile player and key to Michael Malone’s scheme. If he doesn’t re-sign with the Colorado franchise, Denver will have lost a great player. The team that signed him will notice a clear jump in quality in their quest to win the NBA title.

2. Bobby Portis

Portis is coming off winning the championship ring with the Milwaukee Bucks being one of the key players in the franchise’s rotation. Aware of this, he rejected his player option of 3.8 million dollars knowing that he will get more money in Free Agency 2021. The question is whether he will go looking for the largest possible contract or continue with the ambition of being proclaimed NBA champion again.

1. Richaun Holmes

This last season 2020/21 may have been the consecration of a Holmes who arrives on the market as one of the best centers available. The player played 61 games with the Sacramento Kings, all of them as a starter, averaging 14.2 points and 8.3 rebounds per game, his best numbers by far since he arrived in the NBA in 2015.

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