Frankamp leads a comeback that leaves Bilbao Basket touched

Goran Huskic, from RETAbet Bilbao Basket, tries to overtake Emanuel Cate

Goran Huskic, from RETAbet Bilbao Basket, tries to beat Emanuel Cate .

The American base Conner Frankamp (23 points and 20 PIR) led at the Bilbao Arena de Miribilla a comeback from UCAM Murcia, winner in the end clearly by 63-73, which leaves RETAbet Bilbao Basket very touched.

Frankamp went from a missing and very failing first half to a second half in which his team, holding on to his rhythm and his wrist, was very superior with the Romanian Emanuel Cate (12, 6 rebounds and 17), the Dominican Sadiel Roja (7, 8 and 12) and the Brazilian Augusto Lima (5 blocks) as the best companions of the scorer from Wichita (Kansas).

Murcia went from losing by 11 points in the final stretch of the first quarter (17-6) to winning by 13 (60-73) shortly after the end. The Basque team, for its part, remains in relegation positions, only ahead of its neighbor Acunsa GBC by the points differential, with only one victory in nine games in the Endesa League. To that streak add two defeats in European competition.

‘The men in black’ continued in their erratic line of the course, despite a good start to the game. But today with Jaylon Brown accelerated and misguided, he went back to living off just Ondrej Balvin (8, 10, 4 blocks and 15) and Jonathan Rousselle (11).

In the end, the reappeared Jaroslaw Zyskowski (13), one of the players, fixed his numbers, along with Ludde Hakanson and Arnoldas Kulbok, whose level is far from what Alex Mumbrú and his coaching staff expected. Good debut, on the other hand, by Goran Huskic (8).

A Rousselle’s awesome far triple He opened a first quarter totally local, with the sole exception of the triple on Di Leo’s horn that minimized losses in a Murcia that had only scored six points until then and that took almost five to release its score.

Zyskowski, the newcomer Huskic and three plugs from Balvin in seven minutes they followed in the wake of their captain to give Bilbao Basket advantages (8-0, 12-2, 17-6) which, however, began to weigh down their losses and visiting offensive rebounds.

In this work of undermining in the rival basket, Cate stood out, who led the Murcian comeback in the second quarter until 27-30 (partial 10-24) that radically changed the crash. A good basket by Huskic and a triple on the horn with which Kulboka returned the coin to Di Leo put the Basque team ahead again for the second half (32-30).

A second half that pointed more to the hard fight of the second quarter, with Davis finding his way to the basket with some ease, rather than to the Bilbao walk of the first.

A first basket by Balvin gave the locals four points of margin, but then Frankamp entered the scene to turn the crash in a spectacular way: with 11 points in a row in the 0-11 that gave his team an already estimable advantage (34- 41) that held almost full at the end of the third quarter (44-49) after a maximum of nine (37-46).

The last quarter did not vary from script and Murcia took the victory without suffering too much, in the end by ten points (63-73) after a maximum difference of 13 (60-73).

– Data sheet:

63 – RETAbet Bilbao Basket (17 + 15 + 12 + 19): Rousselle (11), Serron (4), Zyskowski (13), Kulboka (8) and Balvin (8) -starting five-; Hakanson (3), Jaylon Brown (5), Alex Reyes, Moses (3) and Huskic (8).

Coach: Alex Mumbrú.

73 – UCAM Murcia (9 + 21 + 19 + 24): Frankamp (23), Jordan Davis (10), Sadiel Rojas (7), DiLeo (6) and Lima (6) -starting five-; Bellas (2), Townes (6), Jok, Cate (12) and Radovic (1).

Coach: Sito Alonso.

Partial: 17-9, 32-30 (rest); 44-49 and 63-73 (final).

Referees: Referees: Joaquín García González, Raúl Zamorano and Óscar Perea. Eliminated by fouls Rousselle (m.38).

Incidents: Match of the eleventh day of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla behind closed doors.