Music is saving us in many ways right now, for the majority it is being an escape for everything that we are living in the midst of the contingency due to the coronavirus, for others it is being a true tool to encourage us. Either way, and despite the cancellations of massive events like live concerts or festivals, Some artists have decided to premiere songs these days but the one that caused a sensation was Frank Ocean.

After almost four years of the release of his latest studio album, Blonde and publishing sporadic singles or mixtapes throughout all this time, premiered two tracks that have left us with a square eye, because this time the good Frank left aside his native languageal –as well as some other artists like Drake have done it– and was encouraged to sing in our language. Yes, it’s not an April Fool’s joke or something like that, the producer entered into Spanish and the truth is that nothing went wrong.

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Despite the fact that these songs were available for some months through some vinyl that the American musician put up for sale on his website, we can finally hear them all mortals. Both subjects are extremely melancholic and we are sure that they will reach the depths of your heart, although each one has a different sound wave and theme from the other, giving them their own identity.

The first of them is called “Cayendo” and as we told you above, Frank Ocean sings it almost entirely in Spanish. Is about a ballad of love that mixes electronic elements with a very subtle electric guitar and barely noticeable. In it he sings quite emotional phrases like “What he wants from you I would not deny him, if this has not broken me,” I will never break. If I can bear what I feel, why am I falling? (SPOILER: If you are suffering for love, it would be best if you listen to it with discretion).

On the other side we have “Dear April”, for which Frank put aside his Spanish classes to return to English and in which he nostalgically portrays the fleeting relationship of two lovers. A musical level is another of those almost ambient songs with synthesizers and guitars that Frank has been doing since his last studio album but don’t get confused, because although it sounds very simple behind this song there is a great production job that anyone could enjoy. Sometimes the simplest is the best and Mr. Ocean understands this perfectly.

Of course the fact that Frank Ocean premiered songs and that one of them is sung in Spanish drove his fans crazy, especially those who speak Spanish. Since “Cayendo” was available on all digital platforms, some Twitter users commented with emotion (and with memes) the release of this song, to the level that the name of the musician became a trend in our country.

That is why Below we leave you the best reactions that Frank Ocean left us with his new song, “Falling”:

the two new acoustic ones that Frank Ocean released have me like this

– felipe (@FelipeBuckleyy) April 3, 2020

So I will be the rest of the quarantine listening to the new songs of Frank Ocean

– camz (@camzcanet) April 3, 2020

Frank Ocean – Dear April
0:06 ─❍────3: 45
↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺

volume: ▂▃▄▅▆ 100%

– that’s an awfully hot coffee pot (@bougiefuck) April 3, 2020

me listening to the new Frank Ocean song

– daniela (@ winterof1989) April 3, 2020


– royale with cheese (@olviavh) April 3, 2020

When Frank Ocean says:
“He won’t talk about me
He won’t even talk about this ”

– (@garconbiggie) April 3, 2020

in the new frank ocean theme sing in Spanish

– spicyboi (@shadowofnowhere) April 3, 2020

so am with frank ocean asdfghjklñ

– carlota chameleon (@carlotrvp) April 3, 2020

Frank Ocean: “He will not speak—”
Me, immediately:

– Riverbank Romeo (@_winley_) April 3, 2020

I innocently thought that listening to the two songs Frank Ocean released was not going to screw up the morning

– Lucia Berlin stan account (@talkingdeads) April 3, 2020

I still haven’t got out of bed and plan not to and cry all day until I starve as I listen to frank ocean singing in Spanish without opening the blinds and probably under the blanket until I drown.
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– Majo (@theycallmemajo) April 3, 2020

Right now listening to Frank Ocean’s Falling #FrankOcean

– BROKENBOY. (@luferahz) April 3, 2020

Frank Ocean: “He will not speak—”

– Daniela Hernández (@danielahdzsc) April 3, 2020

“If I can bear what I feel, why am I falling?” Frank Ocean really did that.

– belem (@ MariabelemSanc3) April 3, 2020

Falling – Frank Ocean

– Squidward listening sad songs (@ListeningSad) April 3, 2020

Frank Ocean singing in Spanish

– x-poc (@chuvadele) April 3, 2020

Click Frank Ocean and wey #Cayendo #DearApril

– Sasha✨ (@Versaaach) April 3, 2020

When Frank Ocean says:
“If I can bear what I feel, why am I falling”

– (@ Borlos69) April 3, 2020

Rosalía’s Spanish in “Dolerme” // Frank Ocean’s Spanish in “Cayendo”

– ErnestoTell (@ErnestoTell) April 3, 2020