With days passing between four walls, being busy is one of the most important things to stay healthy. For example, learning to play a new instrument is an excellent idea to kill free time. Be careful, not everything is to watch television. If you are one of those who already put their hands to action and grabbed a guitar to learn, you have to know that there is a new luxury teacher out there. Frank Iero, the guitarist for My Chemical Romance, is taking advantage of his spare time filming tutorial videos to show you some of the band’s biggest hits.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy / WireImage

With the My Chemical Romance reunion tour on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, Frank Iero was more than good vibes and he threw up some tutorials for your 2007 self (more or less) to learn to play the grooves that both like. Although teaching is not particularly his thing, Iero throws two of the band’s most beloved songs from start to finish: “Ghost of You” and “Welcome to the Black Parade”.

As for My Chemical Romance, their reunion tour will now begin with a series of shows in the UK and Europe in June and July, if anything is to improve by then. After playing there, they are heading to North America in September for another round of shows.

At this time, it is when all the Mexican fans of Gerard Way, wait with their fingers crossed that they take a tour of Mexico. Even without anything confirmed, it is a matter of waiting if we will eventually have them on this side. For now we leave you a video of Iero’s favorite riffs from My Chemical Romance: