During confinement, François Berléand contracted the coronavirus while he was confined with his family in the Lot. However, the 68-year-old actor was lucky to not suffer from any symptoms, so much so that he was able to occupy his time by tasting some of the 5,000 bottles of wine that make up his personal collection. Passing through the show On Neither Responds to Nothing by Karine Le Marchand and Laurent Baffie on RTL, on September 12, 2020, the actor even confided to having consumed more than one bottle per day!

With his partner, actress Alexia Stresi, as well as their twins Adèle and Lucie (11 years old), François Berléand left to confine himself to the South-West of France, at the invitation of their neighbors: “They told us that they were going into confinement in the Lot and offered to come with them, explained the actor. We took the risk of going to people we did not know more than that. We were eleven and we all have it. caught! ” But the Choristes et Mon Idole star was spared the various symptoms that usually go hand in hand with Covid-19: “One of the boys was infected and we all caught it. Alexia severely and the others a lot less. There was a loss of taste and smell and it was totally asymptomatic. I was the most fit but I was still tired but I abused a lot of alcohol … “

Quite frankly, this epicurean added: “I drank at least a bottle a day, plus appetizers, etc. … I had arrived with cases and bought some there.” But as for many French people, this forced break in the countryside with the family, even with a well-filled cellar, ended up losing its flavor: “I found that extraordinary, except that after a month, I had a bit of it. “

François Berléand will finally be able to resume his career where he left off at the start of the year, by returning to the stage of the Antoine theater in Paris. From September 22, he will meet François-Xavier Demaison in the play Par Le bout du nez.