Franco Escamilla triumphs online, finds a stage on Youtube | Reform

Comedian Franco Escamilla becomes an excellent option for this quarantine | Reform

Franco Escamilla has found on social networks the ideal setting to entertain at this time when the recommendation is to stay at home.

In mid-February, due to the health contingency, the comedian took refuge in his home, where he shared family time and created new content for his television channel. Youtube, which opened in 2007 and to date has more than 6 million subscribers.

Currently there is Franco from Monday to Thursday through his channel, as the running of the bulls led him to create three new programs.

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At first I was very worried because more and more dates were being canceled and, obviously, nobody likes that idea. The first 10 days was an administrative chaos because I was looking for strategies for how we were going to continue, said the so-called “ace of comedy.

“Once we agreed on how we were going to work and I thought about everything I was going to do for my channel, everything flowed.”

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The programs that premiere They are: Yo Me La Sé Online, a contest that airs on Thursdays in which a person from the public wins 5 thousand pesos! Freestyle for Topos and Sígueme el Viaje. These emissions, he said, he had in mind for months, but for lack of time he did not specify them.

There are days that we even have double content; We have also finished uploading the RPM monologues. I’m concentrating on making daily content so that people have a say.

Not even with Tik Tok

Tik Tok currently has conquered young people and also chavorrucos. One of the comedians most present in this application is Escamilla and he doesn’t even count.

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It is always good to be mentioned, to use your name. I personally don’t have a Tik Tok account. It has to work for something, I really do not know, I am very disconnected from that network, he said.

“I do not know how much it benefits me because the Tik Tok is more for young people and maybe they do not know my work, they listen to those audios in a Tik Tok video and they have no idea who I am. Nor will I announce myself in my next events : Franco Escamilla from Tik Tok will be there, “he said.