Francisco’s play-offs

06/08/2021 at 7:52 PM CEST

Marc Brugues

The ambition and winning character that Francisco transmits are two virtues that have reached not only the Girona dressing room but also the fans. With more than 300 games as a professional, the coach has lived through it all. The Almerian always remembers that of everything that has happened to him, he has tried to extract the positive part and learn. Also from last year’s setback with Elche. It was not Francisco’s first unsuccessful experience in a promotion to go up, but it was his first as a coach.

Before, as a player, he had lost one to Poli Almería (1998-99). The other two promotions that Francisco has disputed ended with alegrías: promotion to Second A with Poli Ejido (00-01) and with Almería (01-02). Francisco’s first contact with a promotion promotion was not satisfactory. With 20 years just turned, the season 98-99, Francisco (10 goals) led the Poli Almería attack. The team played for promotion in the old league format against Madrid B, Bermeo and Levante with a prize for the Valencians.

Varapalo in Girona

From here until last year, Francisco had only experienced joys in the promotion phases. The first was in 2001 when he celebrated promotion to Second A with Poli Ejido beating Calahorra, Espanyol B and Atlético B. The following season at Almería, Francisco scored the decisive goal in Pontevedra. That day Francisco came out on the shoulders of his teammates and the fans. An image that, with a small mouth, he hopes will be repeated from here on two Sundays in Montilivi.

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