Francisco Cáceres, Salvadoran pride, says goodbye to Telemundo and Hoy Día for Harvard

Francisco Cáceres has said goodbye to Hoy Día and Telemundo. The driver and reporter of the Hispanic network reported through his social networks that today he would tell where his steps would be directed from this day and that is that the Salvadoran says goodbye to television, for now, to continue preparing academically thanks to a scholarship he obtained to study nothing more and nothing less than at Havard University.

Through Instagram, the program shared the news with this message and video: “Our driver received a scholarship to study a master’s degree in Public Administration at Harvard University. Many congratulations and successes on this new path! ”.

Adamari López is on vacation in Italy with her family and Toni Costa, but this did not prevent the Puerto Rican from dedicating a few words to her partner. And this is what he had to say through Instagram: “Excellent person, professional, great colleague… I wish you the best. I am sure that you will achieve all your dreams. You work hard for what you want and put all your heart and knowledge. I love you very much @franciscocaceres and I am sure we will coincide again. 💕🙏🏻🎉🥰 ”.

Another who made use of social networks to say goodbye to Cáceres was Chiquibaby: “Tipazo !!!! You are a proud friend 👏 ”.

Francisco, for his part, also made use of his social networks to share with his audience the illusion that he now has for this new direction that his life and career are taking.

Here are the words of the Salvadoran driver, winner of an Emmy Award:

“HARVARD! Finally, I can tell you about this great gift that life has given me: Be accepted to Harvard University with a scholarship to study a Master of Public Administration (MPA). I am extremely excited to learn and grow as a person and as a professional, to be able to do meaningful journalism that builds a better world. Above all, As a Salvadoran, I am interested in using my career to fight for the rights of minorities, from Latinos in the United States, immigrants and the entire LGBTQ + community. I am honored to be able to study at @harvardkennedyschool, a school where important politicians and presidents of countries such as Canada, Mexico, Colombia, etc. have attended. I thank you for all your support and affection throughout all these years and for accompanying me on this new adventure! “

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