Francisco Bustillo

Francisco Bustillo will be the next chancellor of Uruguay to replace Ernesto Talvi. Next week he will take office as Minister of Foreign Relations, Uruguayan media indicated.

Bustillo, current Uruguayan ambassador to Spain, is a renowned career diplomat who entered the Foreign Ministry of Uruguay on January 1, 1986.

On April 1, 2005, he was appointed as ambassador to Argentina, he charged that he served for five years. From there, it is believed, owes his close relationship with President Alberto Fernández, who as president-elect stayed at the house of the Uruguayan ambassador in Madrid in September 2019.

In addition, he held the positions of Director of Institutional Affairs and Bilateral Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay.

« Pancho », as his close friends call him, He is recognized for moving well in the political arena and for caring for the relationships he has cultivated in more than 30 years of diplomatic career.

Bustillo is a person close to the current President of Uruguay. According to Uruguayan media, the night of the presidential elections he was at the house of Luis Alberto Lacalle, father of the president. And the next day he was part of a select group that had lunch with the then president-elect at a restaurant in the Pocitos neighborhood in Montevideo.

Bustillo receiving Alberto Fernández on arrival in Spain in 2019.

« Uruguay is a country that not only can be trusted, but also worth doing ”for its“ legal certainty and institutional stability« The diplomat said in an interview with Efe in 2016.

« We are a country with healthy and stable institutions and mature politicians who do not allow any case of corruption to occur, » he said on that occasion.

According to Uruguayan media, lBustillo’s appointment will further strengthen the « presidential diplomacy » practiced by the President of Uruguay. Among the most important challenges facing the new chancellor is maintaining a balance in the relationship between the United States and China.

Last week, Ernesto Talvi, the current Uruguayan foreign minister, said he did not have a scheduled date to formally present his resignation. And he added that the Government of Lacalle Pou already had «  » they have chosen the substitute to lead the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. « 

Before leaving his post, Talvi presented diplomatic guidelines focused on economic and commercial efforts. The diplomat stated that the country’s goals are to open markets for Uruguayan products and services and attract investments with the aim of generating quality employment.


The European Union confirmed that Uruguay is the only country in Latin America to which it will open its borders as of this Wednesday.

The European Union will reopen its borders on July 1 and only one country in the region is on the select list of allowed nations