Francisca Lachapel publishes a new photograph and receives love from fans and more support from celebrities

Francisca lachapel exposed the brutality to which she is being subjected on social networks. The host of Despierta América is happily pregnant, but the “haters” have begun to criticize her image, first for “supposedly” gaining weight and then for how she dresses, among other aspects. The also model got tired of this abuse and shared her thoughts about it. Especially since this situation was taking a toll on his self-esteem.

“I thought a lot to upload this video, but I think the message is important and it also serves as an outlet to feel better. I ask that we be more careful with our comments and that we have more empathy, “Lachapel wrote on Instagram, along with a video of almost 10 minutes.

One day after this confession, Francisca shared a new photograph on her Instagram, there she has received the love of her unconditional fans and more support from the famous. Jomari Goyso, Gaby Espino, Karina Banda. Jackie G, Carolina Sandoval, Ana María Canseco and her husband Francesco Zampogna they were present with messages of love.

Along with her new photograph Francisca Lachapel wrote: “Hello! Hi there! I thank you with all my heart for every little message you sent me. I love you so much! ❤️🙏🏽 Happy Tuesday my beautiful people. ”.

Here are the words of love from fans and some celebrities:

jomarigoyso Bella 🙌
gabyespino You are beautiful! ❤️🙏🏻
elyisustv Stunning !!! 🤍
karinabandatv ❤️❤️❤️
poisonous val Bellaaa
anamariacanseco You are beautiful ❤️that nothing or no one will take away your smile and your dreams
neidasandovaltv Beautifull! I send you a hug 🥰
mariagvh So beautiful always! Inside and out ❤️❤️
salgarcia1 Beautiful
lolitasuarezcoachoficial The most beautiful mom of these times @francisca ❤️👏
marianaatencio Muy linda! ✨✨✨
melinaleonoficial That is my beautiful friend !!!! You are a wonderful being with a huge heart. Your beauty goes beyond the physical. You have a creature in your womb that will change your life forever and will fill you eternally with the most genuine and real love you can feel. Your physical change is something normal and whoever does not understand it is not from this planet. People like you who are beings of light will always have envious people who will want to park it, but they will never succeed as long as you, my dear friend, understand how valuable and beautiful you are. God bless you always and be eternally happy. Love u little sister❤️.
ariianne_____ Incredible the amount of comments your video got. Those of us who love you and see you perfect are more !!
dr_frinnypw ❤️ This beautiful woman. That nobility is the strongest weapon that many do not possess. Blessings!
eunii_c3 What you have to do with the haters is to report the account to them so that they knock it down and have to go and distill their poison to the sticks

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