Francisca Lachapel exploded at the criticism of her pregnancy: “I feel very sad”

Francisca lachapel exploded at the criticism of her pregnancy: “I feel very sad” … The host of ‘Despierta América’ surprised by sharing a video to her Instagram account, talking about how she feels with the rain of criticism in the best stage of her life.

Today I feel bad, self-conscious to the point of thinking about leaving social networks, not post any photos, no videos, and maybe, return after giving birth when I can introduce the Francisca that many want to see “Lachapel begins by saying, from his home, in a video of almost 10 minutes.

With a lump in her throat and to the point of crying during the entire release she made, Francisca assured that she has been reading messages for a sad week that speak from her weight, to her way of dressing, either in networks or media that criticize her .

They have written me things like that I am fat, that pregnancy does not feel very good, that now I dress like an old woman, that I be careful… A number of things and not only written, also there have been people who have told me to my faceSo I was left in shock and open-mouthed at these comments, because I can’t even understand the lack of sensitivity yet, ”he continued.


Unfortunately I realize that there is the perfect pregnant label to which I am far from being, I am a normal pregnant woman… Each woman carries her child differently, there are women who do have the joy of being the perfect pregnant women, which I call unicorns, because their limbs do not get fat, only their tummies, they even stop with the push of a sneeze ”.

“There are other pregnant women who are completely different and I am from that group. I am one of the pregnant women who have gained weight, one of the pregnant women who do not take the heat off. Many criticize my look that if I look a little older the way I dress… If they saw me with the clothes I used to wear, I’m sure they would also criticize me, because everything would come out and it would be as much as for all of you ”.

“I try to cover myself in a way that feels more comfortable, because it has taken me a lot to adapt to this new body… I always have to put on a sleeping bag because the weight of my breasts cannot be compared with anything, I have never seen my breasts so large in my life, I try to cover myself because my armpits have turned black, my legs have made me quite fat I have to look for dresses that reach my knee, or pants because I have to wear something underneath, because the friction of my legs makes me cut and fight, it is quite complicated ”.

There are many changes to also receive the pressure of being a perfect pregnant, I’m far from it, I’m not even interested, and apart from these comments that have made me feel bad now, that from a week to now they have me very sad, I feel full and happy, I feel beautiful, my husband sees me more beautiful every day”.

“I have to talk about this because I feel that too many mothers, many women do not talk about what is going through in pregnancy, that it is the most beautiful stage, I would not change anything that has happened to me, because every time this little creature moves, kicks, hiccups, I forget everything about this world”.

“We have to be more sensitive, have more empathy, we have to filter the things that are said, control your fingers and better not say anything … I tell them to get ready because I am going to the straight and to the end what I tell them that I am going to gain more weight, so I’m anticipating you so you can save your comments, because after this video I’m not going to pay attention and I’m not going to feel bad about it… ”.

“I thank everyone who has written me positive messages… And to those who feel uncomfortable looking at my photos and my videos, that I am overweight, which is what they criticize me, that I am fat as if one were fat and had no right to live., but that is another issue, you have many options or not to write or stop following me … The most beautiful thing in life is being pregnant“, He finished.

Remember that since winning ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ Francisca has always received all kinds of criticism, derogatory comments and bullying. She herself has confessed that on more than one occasion she thought she could not handle that and fell into depression.

Today she lives her best moment, married to the man of her dreams, Francesco Zapogna, fulfilling her greatest wish to be pregnant, and working on the highest rated television show. However, the comments have her unfocused and sad.