Francisca Lachapel: A campaign is created in networks to support her from those who criticize how she looks

Francisca Lachapel.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

I know Create a network campaign to support Francisca Lachapel of those who criticize how she looks for her pregnancy, movement that was born from the public and from her own companions of ‘Despierta América’.

After the Dominican bravely shared how bad and sad she felt about the criticism she received for how she looks since she is pregnant, bGarlic the hashtag #cadaembarazoesperfecto Lachapel’s colleagues and people from the public began to share their pregnant photos as a show of solidarity.

The first was his partner from Univision, the journalist Elyangélica González:
“This post is for you @francisca I would never have published this photo, but today it’s time. It was exactly 12 years ago. I was a week away from giving birth to Camila, here I was with my great friend @ nancym.dasilva Imagine how I felt, excited, anxious but above all desperate.

I had not slept for at least a month, I could not find an accommodation and instead of going to bed I almost gave up sitting down. My knees were going to explode just like my heels. As much as I took care of myself in eating, I couldn’t stop gaining weight. My belly full of marks, my armpits dark as well as my neck, my eyes could hardly be seen from how swollen I was.

In spite of everything, it was the best time of my life, I was about to give birth to a desired girl, loved and healthy. And why do I tell you all this, because this is life, Although many want to show that social networks and TV are the branch of heaven, it is not true.

The reality is that it is human who make it up and that pregnant women experience changes every day, they depend on genetics so they take care of themselvesEven planning that they will never experience X situations, they do. They give everything they have so that their children are born strong and healthy.

I invite you to close your eyes and slide this photo ➡️ so that you understand why When your baby arrives, nothing else will matter, not the pain you feel today, or what those who criticize you for your appearance say. The truth is that they just don’t understand what it means to be a miracle bearer. Today I raise my voice for you and for all pregnant women, because they all deserve not only respect, empathy and consideration, but recognition for bringing life to this world with honor. I tell you in private and in public. I love you, you are always beautiful and now you are in fullness. Enjoy it with your ears closed. 💙💜 # EsperandoAMiPuchurunfl @ #respeto #dilenoalacritica #Basta “, he wrote sharing the following photo.

The same did his companions of ‘Despierta América’ Astrid Rivera and Tania Orduña. And as we told you yesterday, there were many celebrities who demonstrated to support the host of the Univision morning show.

What happened? On Monday Francisca surprised by sharing, on Instagram, a video by way of relief and with great courage where she asked for empathy, where she confessed the pain caused by reading messages or even being told to her face that pregnancy does not suit her, who looks fat or dresses like an older woman.

Everyone immediately came out to support her, although heIt was surprising that none of the social networks of ‘Despierta América’, which usually shares their photos and the stories of other women with messages of empowerment, has not replicated Francisca’sEven the day after it went viral Nor did Lachapel speak on the show about what happened, not even as a debate on ‘Sin Rollos’.