One of Rafael Nadal’s coaches, Francis Roig, appeared today before the radio MARCA microphones to analyze all the news of the tennis scene and the options that tennis has to return in the coming months. Roig says that this tennis break does not benefit his pupil much, either physically or mentally, although he acknowledges that whenever he has returned to the circuit he has done so showing a high competitive level.

-The situation seems to be improving in Spain over the days:

“They have been complicated months but now we are calm. The news seems to be improving, but we are uncertain as to whether we will have tennis tournaments in the summer months. The ATP has not yet spoken and everything indicates that the 15 June they will give a verdict. It only remains to know the decision they are going to make. “

-Ability to play matches behind closed doors:

“Tennis is a totally different sport, since every week we are traveling around the world. There is a lot of talk about the possibility of playing behind closed doors, but there have already been tennis players who have stated that there would be no point in playing games without an audience in the stands. Roland Garros has expressed his decision to play the tournament in any way. We just have to wait and hopefully we can return to tennis soon although it seems quite complicated. “

-Where did you hear the news that tennis was stopping for the moment because of the coronavirus?

“I was with Rafa preparing for Indian Wells. We had been there for eight or nine days preparing for the first Masters 1000 of the season. Suddenly we learned that the tournament was suspended. It took us a bit by surprise but because we did not think about the repercussion that I was having the coronavirus. I had a few days later to fly to Puerto Rico to train another boy and when I knew that the airports were going to close, I quickly took one of the last flights to fly to Spain. “

-The experts were right:

“When we were told that the tournament had been suspended, we said: ‘but how is that going to be?’ We were the vast majority of tennis players in California and here the virus had barely spread, but with the passing of days we realized that the experts did well. We were in danger and the tournament did its job. “

-Difficulty of tennis players to be physically well again without risk of injury:

“When we talk about professional tennis players we have in mind that the demand they have is maximum. Obviously the inactivity of being locked up at home for two months is going to be noticed. Now the most important thing is to prepare well for the return. We know that there are still a couple of months at least and we still have time to prepare well on the physical and mental issues. “

-The new normal in the world of tennis:

“Many would sign the new normality to arrive for the Australian Open next year. It seems complicated and we will surely have less capacity than previous years, but we will have to wait and see how the pandemic evolves over the months.”

-How does this tennis break come to Nadal?

“Rafa has been training for a few days but his training peaks are different. Now he has to control more the physical issue, not do hard training and also rest more days. He is waiting for news and that for an athlete is complicated. You are training without knowing an exact date when the competition will return. This break for Nadal does not suit him very well. Inactivity does not help him with his elbow and shoulder and it does not help him mentally either. With the passage of training, Rafa is trying find balance. He is a guy who doesn’t like to stand and always wants to be busy doing something. He has been locked up at home for two months and under normal conditions this break could do him good to rest, but we don’t know yet. All this is that whenever he has returned to the circuit, Nadal has done so at a very competitive level and we hope that this break will serve him so that he can see him longer on the circuit. “