Francis Ngannou supports Miranda Maverick after losing at UFC Vegas 32

Maycee Barber defeated Miranda Maverick by split decision at UFC Vegas 32 but Francis Ngannou disagrees with the result. He is not the only one, but we are currently focusing on the UFC heavyweight world champion because he took advantage of a recent social media post by the fighter to show his support.

“Thank you all for helping me remove the stinger,” it began. «I assure you, this setback hurts, but I have a long way to go! My promotion will be great. For now, I will learn how to improve my landing.


«I’ll be back to work with The Hershey Company tomorrowIn addition to regaining my focus on finishing my thesis, and preparing even more important things for my future tomorrow, “concluded Maverick.

Responding to this statement, Francis Ngannou said: «Don’t blame yourself for doing everything right. Keep it up and enjoy life.

Until this defeat Miranda Maverick had a five-win streak so it was a major setback for his career. She is currently number thirteen in the flyweight division. Meanwhile, Francis Ngannou does not have a new fight scheduled still but it is expected that soon to be confirmed what will be his first defense of the title after the summer.


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