Francis Ngannou has no clear rival, a possible fight against Jon Jones had been strongly discussed in recent days and was finally ruled out; The Nigerian now envisions a possible fight against Daniel Cormier, or even a fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, against Stipe Miocic; however, nothing is confirmed.

That is why before so many rumors and so many names, also the possibility of a fight between Francis Ngannou and Dillian Whyte is raised. It was the boxer who first made the call to the fight provoking Ngannou:

“I have called Ngannou a coward because, for a man who is 6’4 and 250 pounds, he has not shown enough heart in his two losses. He was on a streak of ten consecutive wins, mainly first-round wins against day laborers, and as soon as he stepped forward, he lost twice, when people didn’t stand there and let him hit. ”

“Ngannou said he would like a boxing match, but I noticed he didn’t mention my name even after I publicly called him a coward. It really says it all. However, I like the sound of moving to the UFC, seeing what kind of deal could be made. Becoming a heavyweight champion in both is something no one has come close to doing before. ”

The Predator downplayed The Villain, but accepted a possible fight:

“I know Anthony Joshua, but Dillian Whyte? I only heard about it when people sent me some articles. I didn’t know him before. They all say what they want. I don’t think any of that. If you want to fight MMA, we will find out if I am a coward. I would. Whenever possible, he would fight any of the best heavyweights. I was always very confident with my power. I have no doubts with my power ”