Francis is a happy man! In one year he finally found love after the show of Love is in the meadow. And her little name is Martine.

Love is in the meadow, it’s gone for a ride! And Monday, the fans were able to see Francis of season 14 who finally is in a relationship! Thanks to “Love seen from the meadow”, the couple officially appeared for the first time.

After the show, another shows the reaction of former farmers, at home, to Karine Lemarchand’s show. And so we found our good Francis de l’Aude! And this one swims in full happiness. We explain to you.

In conclusion, the winegrower appeared alone in front of Karine Lemarchand. If he had fallen in love with Brigitte in Love is in the meadow, she had cut it short. After a visit to her house, she did not follow up.

But that’s okay, because now Francis is a happy man in love! And it’s nice to see. We remember his desire: a woman who looks like Anne Hidalgo. And in Martine he therefore finds the perfect woman!

Francis (Love is in the meadow) presents his partner Martine!

Love is in the meadow: Francis as a couple and in love

When we look at Martine we understand why Francis of L’amour est dans le meadow liked her. Brown, dark skin, short hair and dark eyes, this is ideal for the farmer. So at home he shows his intimacy with his new sweetheart.

Martine, 56 years old and executive assistant wrote to the winegrower after the show. From there, the two exchange letters for more than six months! Seeing that the current was going very well, they decide to meet at the beginning of the summer.

And unsurprisingly, it’s a real crush. Martine even plans to move in with her dear and loving soon. We wish them lots of happiness for the rest of their life together!

Otherwise, the new season of Love is in the Meadow has started! And So we can’t wait to see these new budding love stories. So see you next Monday.

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