Francesca Sofía Novello, Rossi’s partner, denounces the machismo of the paddock


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Francesca Sofia Novello, in an interview with Vanity Fair, talks about his relationship with his partner, Valentino Rossi, and explains what the atmosphere was like in the paddocks where they met. Novello worked as a hostess in the World Cup and explains that the macho environment of the competition world: “It’s a masculine environment. You have to wake up. You can’t just be a smiley face. You have to learn to be respected. If you just show yourself pretty and stupid, you’re finished “.

The Italian model denounces the harassment suffered while working in the MotoGP and Formula 1 paddocks as a “paragüera”: “At 19 it is not easy to work with people who look at your butt when you pass and touch it when you take a picture with them”he explained to the American magazine.

In his talk with Vanity Fair, Francesca Sofia Novello, who lives with Rossi For four years, she also appreciated how her courtship influenced her professional career and how she prevented one thing from devouring the other: “If you have an important man by your side, it is almost inevitable. But I am happy to have continued working, so much how can I, without using his name. It is true that without Valentino I would not have reached the popularity that I have today, but in my career I would have done the same things. It would have taken me longer, but I would have done them. “

The figure of ‘umbrellas’ disappeared with the Covid-19 pandemic and they have not been seen again in races. Health protocols reduced the number of people in the paddock and the starting grid, and hostesses were one of the affected groups.