Frances Tiafoe talks about Nadal winning options in Washington 2021

There is no doubt that Frances Tiafoe He is a special player, one of those pure talents with a unique personality who, although they do not set themselves up as strong competitors and candidates for great results, can surprise anyone and are enormous entertainers on the ATP circuit. With the intention of signing a great performance in the ATP 500 Washington 2021, the one from Maryland went through a press conference prior to the start of an event in which he has high hopes. The great protagonist will be Rafael Nadal, and good old Frances had no qualms when it came to commenting on the greatness of the Spanish and what it means for the American tournament to have his presence.

“It’s crazy what these guys are doing. I love to see them still play and that they continue to compete and opting for everything is impressive. I find it incredible that he came to Washington, I think it is a legendary fact for the tournament and the city”, declared the current number 53 in the world, which comes from falling to the first of change in the Olympic Games. “Honestly, I have the feeling that I am playing great tennis this season and it is a shame that the way the ranking is organized now does not fully reflect my level. The best ranking I have registered in my career is 29 in the world, but that will not be enough for me since I see myself with serious possibilities of being among the 15 best in the world and also of being top-10 “, he assured.

Tiafoe doesn’t want Djokovic to win the 2021 US Open

Questioned by Novak Djokovic and the possibility that he has to get the Grand Slam in the same season in the US Open 2021, the American was clear. “He is a special guy, I have not seen anyone so hard mentally. He moves well, he plays incredible in any context, his mobility is spectacular. I would say that he is not the player with the best shots perhaps, but his mental strength is so great that It allows him to be the best. He always has answers on the court and is close to achieving something legendary, but I hope he does not. I would like another player to win in New York, preferably me, “he said.

There was also time to talk about mental health, an aspect very much in vogue after what happened with Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles. “Everyone has problems and is human. I think it is very important that we are opening up and have no qualms about talking about it. There are many factors that can affect our day to day life and it is great that we try to normalize the matter, talk about it naturally and try to find solutions, “he said Frances Tiafoe.

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