The French Defense and National Security Council took new measures to accelerate the de-escalation of confinement by COVID-19

France It will open access to cinemas and casinos, in addition to allowing the practice of team sports starting next Monday, the French government reported this Saturday, which also announced the reopening of the stadiums on July 11, with a maximum capacity of 5 thousand spectators.

The Defense and National Security Council met on Friday night, led by the president. Emmanuel Macron, and took further steps to accelerate the de-escalated “In view of the satisfactory evolution of the epidemic on the metropolitan territory and the good level of preparation of the country ”.

After the council was held, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe explained in a statement that the “opening of cinemas, holiday centers, casinos and game rooms”From Monday June 22.

Similarly, from that date the sports practice team, “with preventive measures adapted to different categories of activities ”, although combat sports will continue to be prohibited until a review before September.

Stadiums from July 11

Measures for the end of the state of health emergency for him coronavirus COVID-19, on July 11, from when stadiums and racetracks will receive the public again, with a maximum capacity of 5,000 spectators at least, in principle, until September 1.

The show rooms may also reopen from that date, although when they host more than 1,500 people, they must make a prior declaration to ensure respect for sanitary precautions.

France will authorize river cruises in the same way from the end of the state of sanitary emergency, and will coordinate with European countries to assess the return of the sea ​​cruises, as long as they do not exceed a limit of travelers.

Finally, Philippe announced that in September, around the holidays, the opening of fairs, exhibitions and salons, as well as international discotheques and cruises, is being studied, all “subject to a new evaluation of the epidemiological situation

The Government will present “in the coming days” its response strategy, focused on protecting the most vulnerable people without resorting to a lockdown general, facing an eventual second epidemic wave.

The latest indicators in the Val d’Oise department (north of Paris) are the main concern among the authorities, which has led to a massive testing campaign, the results of which are expected this weekend.

France reported on Friday that it registered 14 deaths from COVID-19 in its hospitals, which brings the total number of deaths to 29,617 since the beginning of the pandemic, while the number of hospitalized has dropped from 10,000 for the first time in three months.

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