France declared winner against Fiji

While they should have faced each other this Sunday at the opening of the Autumn Nations Cup, the Blues were finally declared the winners on the green carpet, against Fiji. The meeting had been canceled due to numerous cases of coronavirus in the Fijian workforce.

Winners without playing. This is what happens to the French men’s rugby union team. Indeed, this Monday, the Six Nations Committee decided to give a match won on the green carpet, with bonus to the key, to the Blues, against Fiji. For their entry into the competition in the Autumn Nations Cup, the two nations should have faced each other, this Sunday, before the meeting was finally canceled, due to several cases of new coronavirus detected in Fijians. On this occasion, it is therefore the regulations of the prestigious Six Nations Tournament that were applied.

Fiji retains its place in the competition

Consequently, France thus wins this meeting, with a score of 28 to 0, a clear and flawless victory, with the offensive bonus to be won. On their side, Fiji, to whom no fault has been attributed, therefore retain their place in this unprecedented competition. They even have to face Italy, with a match scheduled for next weekend. A meeting that can take place if they are, of course, rid of the coronavirus. They will also face Scotland afterwards.