France beats the United States at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Equality, tension, and quality were expected in the game, but few could foresee that the selection of United States register such a big mistake and be unable to find solutions in the tight moments. NBA stars are off to a very bad start in these Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, running into the harsh reality that haunts American basketball for years, seeing how other teams reduce the talent and physical gap that previously made them dominators. France He demonstrated it with a remarkable defense, players of enormous offensive talent and a competitive intelligence far superior to that of a team weighed down by casualties and fatigue. The end result was 83-76 in favor of the Gauls.

Individual game, triple abuse, lack of defensive cohesion and poor shooting selection. That was the poker of evils that explain the defeat of a team that is already clear about the enormous difficulty of winning this championship. After 25 consecutive games won in Olympic events, the Americans ran into a rival full of NBA players who knew exactly how to stop them. Gobert in intimidation, Batum in defense and outside launch, and De Colo and Heurtel in direction, accompanied a brilliant Fournier at times. However, Yabusele was one of the determining elements in the key plays, stealing balls and capturing rebounds in the face of the North Americans’ passivity.

France won the third quarter with a score of 25-11

Durant abused very punctuated pitches and Green was not the defensive mortar that is assumed in him. Players who were very worn out physically and emotionally, like Booker and Holiday, assumed too much prominence. As much as they tried to correct the disastrous third quarter with a somewhat more combinatorial game, they incurred permanent turnovers and couldn’t find a way to do anything other than double up after penetrations and shoot 3-pointers. The United States will try to reverse the trend in its duels with Iran and the Czech Republic, to opt for the best second in the championship, which would give it the right to be seeded in the quarter-final draw.

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