France announces a plan to initiate a gradual deconfinement

The trips will be extended to 20 kilometers and for 3 hours, compared to 1 kilometer and 1 hour today. You will still need a receipt to leave.

The G20 calls for cooperation to facilitate access to COVID-19 vaccines

The second stage will arrive on December 15, if the parameters of the pandemic continue to drop, when the supporting documents and restrictions on travel will be eliminated so that citizens can travel for the Christmas celebrations.

However, the curfew will return from 9:00 pm to 07:00 am, except for the nights of December 24 and 31. Cinemas, theaters and museums will also be allowed to reopen.

The restaurants and bars, considered as high sources of contagion, will remain closed at least until January 20. “We must do everything to avoid a third wave, everything to avoid a third lockdown,” Macron said.

Macron multiplied calls for prudence during Christmas. The French president insisted that social distance and hygiene be maintained, spaces are ventilated, a mask is used and useless outings and mass gatherings, including family ones, be avoided.

“The objective is to save the maximum number of lives and dominate the epidemic,” he warned.

France, the fourth country in the world with the most cases (2.15 million infections), this Tuesday exceeded 50,000 deaths from the pandemic, making it the seventh country with the most deaths from COVID-19.