Emerging talents continue to develop in quarantine, is the case of the duo Fran, made up of Michel Cervantes and Héctor Garciacésar, who after releasing their single “Sempiterno” in November last year – their debut song by Warner Music México – Now presents a new song: “Kilometers”, which is now available on all digital platforms.

In an interview, Michel and Héctor remember that Fran’s name is because at some point they both liked the same girl, who had that name, and in tribute to that love rivalry, they decided to call their musical project that way, Fran. As for the musical style that defines them, both agree that it is “soft rock”, betting on getting out of the conventional and offering their own rhythm with lyrics full of feelings.

“It is also alternative pop and the sound is part of the fact that we share tastes and influences such as Anglo-90s music. Our proposal is to give the audience something different, like the sound of the 90s, which was music that you can listen to in your room with headphones and that makes you feel many things, “says Héctor.

The new song “Kilometers” comes to the market at a time when it is released single by single, explains Michel that there is no longer so much the habit of listening to a complete album; Now it is the playlists that are trending, but they are interested in making an album, because for them it represents an important moment in the artist’s life.

“Kilometers” is our second single, we are very happy. It is a topic that talks about something very important, which is the feeling of being at a distance from a person that you love very much, that you miss and that is someone important in your life; the song has managed to empathize with many people and the truth is that we are very happy, ”shares Michel.

The musicians have more than 10 years of meeting and forging a friendship, but as a musical project, they are two years old. About the process of working with Warner, they remember that at an event they were playing and it was when they heard a manager from the label, who asked them to send him their material, Héctor recalls that they signed a contract in August last year and two months later they released his first single with them.

“It has been a very cool experience, it is different from what one can imagine, such as that you are going to be a little limited or that you are not going to have as much freedom, but it is the opposite, we were fortunate to fall into a large family that is Warner, we found an impressive team and the truth is that they have supported us in everything we have done, they have always been at the foot of the canyon, we have a very good chemistry ”, reiterates Michel, who says that since independence there are sometimes complicated processes , but with a record label they are solved in a more structured way.

When the health crisis ends, they want to play in public places to continue connecting with people, they are interested in bringing their music to all lovers of hearing a fresh and melodic sound like their “soft rock”.