Fran Rivera refuses to let Carlos Latre imitate Isabel Pantoja in ‘Public mirror’: “Short, short”

Fran Rivera is one of the regular collaborators of ‘Espejo Público’ and, since the new season presented in September 2020, he has a section in the program in which he interviews a well-known face every week. On January 26, the bullfighter opened « Rivera y amigos » with Carlos Latre, jury of ‘Your face sounds to me’, who did a review by the different characters he has the ability to imitate.

Carlos Latre in his interview with Fran Rivera for ‘Public Mirror’

There are more than 600 registers that the comedian is capable of imitating and these only growFor his new show he has worked to recreate the faces most present in the Government, such as Fernando Simón, Salvador Illa, Pedro Sánchez or María Jesús Montero. After hearing some of his most famous imitations, Rivera asked him to someday I had to imitate him, to which Latre replied that without problem.

The bullfighter was interested in whether he had imitated any of his brothers, to which Carlos Latre explained that with Kiko Rivera he had ever tried, but his voice didn’t come out right. The one who had « imitated a lot » was Isabel Pantoja, but, unlike other characters, Rivera did not want me to show it to him: « Good but no« I glimpsed to say. »Short, short« . The comedian did not give importance to the moment and explained that he is very coplero: » I know all the great songs of the copla. That gorgorito fascinated me. « Already with the signal to return to the set, Susanna Griso sting her partner assuring that he had been wanting to listen to La Pantoja.

The union of the brothers

Right after Fran Rivera asked him if he was capable of imitating one of his brothers, Carlos Latre congratulated him on the fact that the three of them were so close again: « Congratulations, I really liked seeing you reunited with your brother. I was very excited ». « We brothers can fight, but in the end we don’t always have to agree », explained the collaborator of ‘Espejo Público’, who assured that they have a very good relationship.