Fran Mérida interests Almería and Rubén Pérez sounds for Espanyol

06/23/2021 at 8:51 PM CEST

Much is being said about possible arrivals at Espanyol, something that has to be linked first to departures. In that sense, according to ‘La Voz de Almería’, Fran Mérida may be one of the first to pack and Espanyol has the option of Rubén Pérez as a possible substitute in the spinal cord.

As published in the aforementioned Andalusian newspaper, the Indálico team would already be in contact with the midfielder’s environment. Rubi wants to provide its staff with experience and character, because in defense they also like the option of Jorge Pulido, recently relegated to Second with Huesca.

Mérida, 31 years old and with a long career in football, arrived free from Osasuna last summer and has a contract until 2022. A similar operation could look for the blue and white club to replace him if he goes with Rubén Pérez, who is also on the list of future players for Almería. The midfielder ends his contract with Leganés on June 30 and has not yet renewed. According to ‘La Grada’, the still picking midfielder has offered himself to Espanyol.

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