“FP2 does not make sense with the sprint format”

The F1 This year celebrates three weekends with sprint races, two of which have already been held in the Great Prix of Great Britain and Italy. The last one will take place in Brazil at the end of the season.

Although the format has elicited some mixed responses from fans, Todt He says that one of the things that puzzles him the most is the practice between Friday’s qualifying and the sprint.

While the hour-long practice session doesn’t mean much to the fans, Todt says the track time could actually be a negative for the show, as it is of great benefit to the teams in understanding their understanding of the tires and race strategies.

“At the moment, this format (sprint) leaves me a bit confused about what happens between 12 and 13 hours on Saturday,” Todt told the Italian media in reference to the second practice session.

“This hour of free practice is not understandable to the public or the media. It can only interest the teams to collect information, for example on tire wear. From the point of view of the show, it does not make sense.” .

The question that FP2 can detract from the show, because it gives too much knowledge to the teams, is something that the winner of the Italian GP, ​​Daniel Ricciardo, brought up.

“I’m not sure FP2 does much,” said the Australian. “I think actually we probably learn too much and then the races are a bit predictable.”

“I know about the TV time, but I think for the health of the race, FP2 maybe hurt a little bit because we kind of gain too much knowledge, so maybe that’s something that’s going to change.”

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Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL35M

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

The other issue fans have expressed discontent over is the way pole is awarded to the sprint winner rather than the fastest rider in qualifying.

It’s something F1 is willing to look into, but Todt says the only thing that ultimately matters is that Sunday’s show is the best it can be.

“It is an evolution of the competition,” he said. “The grid is made from the result of the sprint race.”

“An additional test has been introduced on Saturday, which gives more meaning to Friday’s qualifying. The important thing is that the main event is Sunday’s race. There should be no confusion about it.”

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of F1, has spoken of the possibility that a third of the 2022 grands prix will include sprint races.

However, Todt says the sport should wait for final feedback after testing is over before making a decision on what will happen next.

“For now, nothing has been decided,” he said. “We will see the feedback that we will collect after the experiences of Monza and Interlagos.”

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