Foxconn, Apple’s maker, is already testing a foldable iPhone

Foldable smartphones seem to be the future, but at the moment they are not really taking off. These are due to something quite clear that we already predicted when the first models were presented, the technology is not ready yet.

Foldable iPhone conceptFoldable iPhone concept

While various companies are selling prototypes to users, Apple continues to investigate with this technology And it seems that at the Foxconn factories they already have a foldable iPhone prototype.

According to new supply chain reports, Foxconn, one of the Cupertino company’s senior partners, is testing a foldable iPhone for Apple. A device that could start shipping from September 2022.

Apple continues to test this technology in a foldable iPhone prototype

Several weeks ago we told you that Apple had requested several flexible panels from Samsung, and it seems that we already know why. Apple has delivered some of these panels to Foxconn to test folding iPhone prototypes.

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Apparently, Apple wants to investigate which type of screen is better, if the OLEDs or the new mini LEDs that promise so much.

In addition to this, according to the United Daily News of China, Apple has also ordered the bearings of the folding device from Foxconn. The part of the hinge on a folding smartphone is very delicate, and there is a lot of research to do.

But that’s not all, Apple wants very thorough screen wear tests. The publication says that tests of these types of screens typically require them to be opened and closed between 20,000 and 30,000 times. For your foldable iPhone, Apple wants Foxconn to run more than 100,000 open and close tests.

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We are given more details on possible designs, although it seems that the development of this foldable iPhone is constantly evolving. Sources indicate that we will see it in 2022, so there is still enough to know.